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Sycamore Farms NC

The Orr Family

Sycamore Farms NC is located in the Mills River Valley in the beautiful Appalachian Mountains.  We began our shepherding journey 12 years ago.  Our farm began with a few chickens, a dog, a cat, and 6 miniature donkeys.  We enjoy small things and when we saw Shetland Sheep, we fell in love with them!  We liked their personalities and all of the variations of color.  After we began raising Shetlands, we learned how to care for them and how to breed and we realized that we wanted all different colors in our flock.  After starting our flock, I learned to spin the sheeps’ wool and I was so excited.  I knew that with the different colors of fleece, I could blend colors together and produce beautiful yarn.  I also learned how to make a “Shepherd’s Rug” and have enjoyed using the different colors in the rugs.

We began to look for different types of spotting in the sheep and we found the “HST”(head, socks, and tail) markings.  The HST markings gave the sheep a distinct look, so we decided to begin breeding for these specific markings.  It is always fun when lambing season arrives because we never know what “surprises” we will get.  We have a little bit of everything when it comes to color and it makes for a beautiful picture when you look out across the pasture.

After we started raising sheep, we decided to enter our sheep into the local fair and fiber show in our area.  We have 1 adult daughter and 2 adult sons.  When they were younger we thought that it would be good for them to learn how to show sheep in the show ring. So, we started showing sheep.  We are very proud of our Shetland flock and we always enjoy talking to others who share the same passion that we have.

We breed our sheep for good conformation and overall good health.  When our sheep are getting ready to go to a new home we always make sure that they are going to a home where they will be loved and cared for just like they are at Sycamore Farms NC.  Our sheep are like family and we love them all!  We always want to hear how our sheep are doing and pictures are always welcome.

Being a shepherd is a unique and very rewarding job.  You always get surprised by the sheep and they will always make you smile!  I wouldn’t trade my job for anything!

Thank you for taking the time to stop by and visit; we hope you will return time and time again.  If you ever have any questions about sheep or if you are looking to purchase sheep, a flock, or fleece; we would be happy to help.  If you would like to stop by and see our farm, just contact us and we would be happy to schedule a tour and show you around.  We also offer transport for any sheep that is purchased from Sycamore Farms NC.


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Sycamore Farms NC offers sheep for sale, educational farm tours, wool, information on pasture management, registration, information on feed, and how to go about purchasing a sheep.

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